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Car Cardiac Care is one of the services provided by the mother company JP & GP Marketers and Consultants PVT LTD. Car Cardiac Care is not like any traditional garages you have seen till now. We don’t leak oil and grease like normal workshops. We do preventive maintainence for your engine which will double the life of your engine. “Like you keep your heart cholesterol free, we keep your engine carbon free.”

JP & GP Marketers and Consultants Pvt Ltd is an eco-friendly company interested in fostering investment, promoting technologically advanced and nature friendly products, consultancy and services for their fellow men. We believe in the concept of increase life, reduce, reuse and recycle as we have fully understood the fact that whenever we manufacture or produce anything new we have to spend energy as well as money. And also population has been increasing whereas resources has been depleting. So it is the duty of each one of us to use resources keeping in mind our future generation.

JP & GP Marketers and consultants private limited is a revolutionary venture specializing in the marketing of innovative speciality products and services designed to improve management style, human health and lifestyle. JP & GP has plans to harness youth power and seeks to lead young entrepreneurs into the mainstream of business as a support system for the society, instead of building up a profit-mongering and mean robotic society. A business culture rooted in ethical practices free from unhealthy competition, arrogance and other bad characteristics is the need of the nation.


We are two consultants with different profiles, varied experiences in various fields of business and professions.
Prabhakaran Gopinathan, managing director of the company, civil engineering & MBA in management. He is a technocrat with years of experience in façade engineering and management, held very senior positions with some of the heavy weights in the industry in the middle-east. He has been instrumental in fashioning out some of the most demanding architectural marvels in Dubai and Kuwait including the BurjDubai, the tallest man made structure in the world and a group of young engineers who share a similar thought process as Mr Prabhakaran, aiming to make this Earth a better place to live in.


All India distributor and technical consultants for Emmedue- advanced building systems an Italian technology.

Discussions underway with Kerala government for the introduction of some very special construction products of our manufacturing partner Technokotes that can improve the life, quality of new as well as repair and rehabilitate asphalt, marine structures, concrete structures and metal structures.

Sole distributor for oxy-hydrogen based engine carbon cleaning machine in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka.